Prince Edward Islanders Helping Tsunami Victims in Sri Lanka

Welcome to the official website of Island to Island, a charitable non-profit organization formed in response to the tragedy caused by the tsunami in Sri Lanka in December 2004.

Island to Island and most of its members are based in the Province of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Presentation about Tsunami

In order to raise awareness of the Tsunami consequences, we have developed a slide presentation. To download the zipped MS Power Point file, click on the link below.

Tsunami, and Pre- and Post-Tsunami Sri Lanka

Island to Island Objectives

Sidath, a tsunami victim

Remembering Sidath

Sidath, a brilliant and fun loving son of a professional Sri Lankan couple became a victim of Tsunami in Sri lanka on December 26th, 2004.

Sidath was just about to have breakfast with his parents when the first wave approached their motel dining room. His father took him out of the room, but both of them were taken away by the second wave. His father survived but Sidath did not. His mother, together with some concerned individuals, started a foundation to help Tsunami affected families in Sri Lanka.